Unify your operations with unparalleled power to sell with the NEON Back Office. Everything you need to manage, grow, optimize and understand your business is here, as one easy to use cloud-based platform. Dive into your business insights to make smarter decisions and control your operations in a brand new way.

better analytics

The most advanced dashboard in the industry.

Our NEON Back Office is designed to make analytics easy to understand for everyone.

cloud based

Your venue runs on cloud based servers that store data safely and give you the power, reliability and speed to manage every aspect of your business from anywhere. Every menu and CRM modification syncs across each device in real-time and your system automatically updates to the latest version of our software.

a new type of menu

Do more with your menu

What separates our menu apart? Everything is altogether. Build your menu in minutes. Deploy to your Staff Apps and the Drinktopia App in just one click. Create custom menu item offers that are available during certain times and test out new products and prices on the fly.

smart inventory

Pourfect inventory

NEON Inventory does much more than track your stock levels. It is your supplier data-base and management center that organizes all of your invoices, orders and communication in one place so you can do twice the work in half the time.


Create any type of deal, offer and loyalty campaign in minutes.

Send personalized offers to your regulars and acquire new customers with push notifications and loyalty schemes that drive retention. Segment and target guests with relevant offers to increase spend. Configure and trigger push notifications to send at the times of your choice.

Powerful loyalty. Made simple.

Our end-to-end loyalty platform takes everything you put into NEON and pushes it to Drinktopia - like magic. Simply put, everything is in sync with our wallet and there’s nothing technical about it. Zero API integrations. Just sell more and spread the love.

and much more


Set up your workstations and name them according to the layout of your venue. Orders are displayed on the assigned workstation to ensure the fastest delivery time.

Smart Inventory

Keep an up-to-date record of all deliveries and orders with built in communication. Keep all of your supplier communication, delivery receipts and invoices all in one place.

Menu creator

Create menu sections and add products with ingredients from your inventory so you always see the exact cost of the product you are building and have precise control over your stock.

Event ticketing & management

Name your event, add a picture, set the ticket price. Creating events is as simple as making a menu item and you will see real-time stats for each ticket you sell.

Fast onboarding

It’s fast to load up your products, set prices and create work stations. You can sell the same day you get started.

Table management

You can make table changes in real-time and they update across every Staff device, plus you’ll always know the status of every table.

Training and Support

Our customer success team is here when you need us most. From the moment you get started to your first sale we are here for the success of your venue.

Product information

Each time you login you will see how every product is performing with interactive charts that show you the profit margins and quantity sold so you can make improvements to your bottom line.

Loyalty schemes

Treat your guests with special offers using push notifications, in app discounts and build loyalty with rewards and point schemes.

Manage your workforce

Staff use pin codes to login to the staff application, allowing you to get a clear understanding of the individual performance of each staff member and to track labour costs.

Cloud based

NEON Backoffice is web based so you can manage your bar with your favourite browser across any device.


Our unique CRM tracks all your guest behavior and purchase history and gives you the tools to create personalized offers, loyalty schemes and more.

Create purchase orders

Use NEON Backoffice to place orders directly from your suppliers and always know what you ordered and what’s on the way.

Sales performance insights

NEON Backoffice crunches the numbers for you and displays your sales, costs and profits across each product category. We help you build a more profitable menu.

Constantly evolving

Our products and features evolve daily and we take your feedback seriously to build the best back office to grow your business.