By reimagining the POS as staff applications, we created a new ecosystem to improve efficiencies and enhance the guest experience.

The waiter app.
A ‘new order’ for ordering.

Tailor made for nightlife operations, the waiter apps provide a complete overview of the ordering journey and can process payments* anywhere in your venue. Waiters quickly take orders, which are pushed to the bar and kitchen work stations in real-time, and notifications alert waiters when products are ready to serve. Guests receive orders as fast as possible. It’s your all-in-one order and payment solution.

Discover information about your guests, VIP status, birthday alerts and more.


You run the show. And the workstation displays make it run. With practically a zero learning curve, it’s simple to use and packed with features that increase efficiency and the guest experience. Combine bar tabs, take payment*, move items to other tabs with ease. Scan guest QR codes to validate pre-purchased orders and offers through one device.

faster payments

mPOS ready

Take advantage of the latest and most flexible payment technology with mPOS. Not only will you administer less cash for increased security, but you will process payments faster and easier. Our software seamlessly integrates mPOS payment acceptance solutions and you benefit from the security, speed and convenience of getting paid however guests want to pay.

hardware agnostic

Your venue, your rules

Our staff applications run on a variety of smart phones and tablets to power venues of any size and with every budget. Get in touch with us to learn the exact hardware you need to run the nightlife operating system.

employee tracking

Hard work pays off

Reward the all stars and know when to assist the underperformers. Staff Apps measure and track employee performance to improve workplace productivity. You get crystal clear insights that you can translate into staff incentive campaigns. Track staff performance based on sales, products sold, table turn times and more. Now you know how your business truly works.

wallet integration

Allow customers to order easier

Our end-to-end solution puts guest mobile ordering at the core of your point of sale ecosystem - staff and guests are always connected. Bar and kitchen workstations instantly display orders when guests place them and staff are alerted when they are ready to go. When guests select their payment method, the waiter is notified and closes the check on the spot. Now there’s no reason to ‘rush orders’.

Set the tables. Prep the bars. Fire up the grills. Your guests already have the menu, and we take care of the rest.

Embrace the digital ordering revolution, drive higher revenues and deliver unforgettable guest experiences with technology built for you and that works for you. We developed the Staff Apps from the ground up to help your staff do more with their time and get closer to your guests. Our mobile solutions enable communication to flow freely across your entire floor and keep your operations in sync, drink after drink. That’s nightlife at the speed of light.

and much more


No internet? No problem. Staff Apps work online or offline and your data is synced when your back on the grid.

Consumer info

Track what your customers buy and connect with them on a personal level with incentives, discounts and specials to keep them coming back.

Always in sync

Your guests, bartenders, cooks and waiters are connected through one platform so everybody works more efficiently and guests enjoy quality service.

Get paid

Every waiter app and bartender workstation is equipped with mPOS payment acceptance so you can check out guests anywhere in your venue and instantly get paid.

Faster workflow

You can set up your unique workflow in NEON Back Office to accommodate your venue layout and all orders direct to the proper Staff Apps.

Give thanks

NEON Inventory does much more than track your stock levels. It is your supplier data-base and management center that organizes all of your invoices, orders and communication in one place so you can do twice the work in half the time.

Hassle Free Bar Tabs

No need to swipe or hand over cards. Staff split and close tabs anytime, and they’re are automatically closed end of shift.


Specify authority levels and allow staff to apply discounts on single items and entire checks. Configure discounts that auto-apply based on a range of criteria to enhance the guest experience.

mPOS Compatible

Every waiter app and bartender workstation is equipped with mPOS payment acceptance so you can check out guests anywhere in your venue and instantly get paid.

Reduce wait times

Staff Apps and mobile ordering are one happy family. Your guests deserve the fastest service possible and we designed a mobile environment that does just that.

A new way to order

There’s no need to memorise orders, table numbers or guests requests. Staff Apps track that and free up time to focus on the guest experience.

Order management

Our Waiter Apps display tables in a live feed to track the entire guest dining journey.

Access control

Staff Apps scan event tickets and enable bouncers to take payment at the door.

Kitchen display

Food orders are displayed to the back of the house. From start to finish, waiters can track the progress of their orders and are notified when they’re done.


Enable your guests to tip straight through the app with suggestive tipping amounts. Plus, choose a tip-out model that best suits your venue to keep your staff happy.