The Omni-channel Nightlife Operating System built for the success of your business and the future of the industry.

our ecosystem

The Nightlife Operating System.

Sometimes it takes a little imagination to find solutions from another point of view. We consider today to be the perfect time to take advantage of the new technology out there to solve problems better and faster - with a touch of innovation from every angle, for everyone.

The Nightlife Operating System is the most powerful and flexible software for running a nightlife business from a new perspective - a single platform that streamlines front of house operations, increases staff efficiency and redefines the guest experience.

the Back Office

The key element of our ecosystem setting the new standard in Back Office: CRM, Loyalty, Analytics & Reports, Inventory.


ePOS - staff apps

The reinterpretation of the POS as Staff Apps to enhance communication and speed up orders.


Interactive table

Order, pay & play. Engage, advertise & monetise. Welcome brands to the table.



Reward your customers, sell tickets and your entire menu to provide a seamless guest experience.


built for speed

There’s nothing worse than waiting for the waiter

Our platform is designed with speed in mind so you keep wait times to a minimum and guest satisfaction to the maximum. The faster the service, the better the experience, the smoother the night moves. Staff Apps are so easy to use that even new members will be up to speed in minutes.

Faster ordering

With rapid fire ordering to bar and kitchen work stations, you will turn tables quicker, exceed guest expectations and optimise efficiency. Our mobile wallet seamlessly syncs with the Staff Apps and everything is connected to make your venue run like clockwork.

Faster serving

Our innovative approach to the POS enables real-time communication between waiters, bartenders and the kitchen. Once an order enters the system, your staff track it from production, delivery to payment in just a few taps.

Faster payments

Enable your guests to order and close checks on their own time with their smart phone. Staff Apps are mPOS compatible so waiters and bartenders can take payments in real-time anywhere in your venue. One device for all payments, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and direct Drinktopia Wallet payments.

built for noise

There’s nothing worse than shouting for attention

A busy bar is a beautiful thing, but yelling and pretending to know sign language is bad for hospitality. Speaking is one of the biggest friction points in loud and crowded environments, but our ecosystem smooths it out. Now guests tap and order and staff instantly learn what to serve. Guests blaze through the queue by scanning a QR Code to redeem drinks in seconds.

Better communication between staff

Stop rushing around and start exceeding guest expectations. We reimagined the point of sale as Staff Apps that streamline communication between FOH and BOH with notifications and alerts that keep your floor one step ahead.


Mobile Order & Pay

Our mobile order and pay solution brings guests and staff together through a seamless end-to-end connection that is convenient, rewarding and fast. Guests tip in app, and staff members can track orders with more control.


built for crowds

Turn anonymous crowds of customers into loyal and happy guests.

We don’t just give you the tools to build loyalty. Our tools do it for you to generate value for your business and your guests.

Understand how your club works

We built our ecosystem to bring the most valuable data and insights to our partners.
Experiment with pricing strategies to build a more profitable menu. Track staff performance to determine your top employees and motivate your floor to work as a team. Delight your guests with personalized deals and real-time offers

Know your regulars

It’s easy to get lost in a crowd. Waiters and bartenders know the status of every guest when they step in and can send real-time offers and apply discounts at anytime. Guest profiles are automatically created, and our system puts the data into perspective.

Target offers

The Nightlife Operating System is designed with digital marketing solutions specifically for nightlife engagement. The wallet enables guests to receive push notifications, instant-redeemable coupons and in-app offers tailored to their preferences to increase foot traffic and drive additional revenue.

Turn customers into regulars and regulars into VIPs

We’re offering you all the tools you need to keep customers happy. You just have to bring the vodka.

built for the love of nightlife

Loyalty included

Customer experience revolves around loyalty – so does our technology. Our CRM tracks the guest information you need and provides you the tools to build loyalty schemes that bring you closer to your customers. Free drinks are awesome, and higher revenues are better.

Love is the answer. Always.

Learn how our wallet works for you

built for this century

The Interactive Multi-touch Table

Welcome brands to the table and redefine the guest experience just the way you want.

We develop custom software solutions that bring your guests together, grow your business and open your venue to endless engagement and monetization opportunities. We can produce hardware in a variety of custom finishes, shapes and materials to match the aesthetics of your venue.