We built the best possible ordering solution that enhances the guest experience and gives you unparalleled power to sell, engage and entertain. Now you can promote your events, sell tickets, pre-sell bottle service and your entire menu through one integrated platform that does it all - payments, loyalty and every feature you need to grow your business.

Better, faster ordering

Consumers can
order at the table.

Provide your guests a seamless and hassle free experience to order and pay at the table on their own terms. There’s no need to wave down servers to place orders. Guests browse your menu, view the bill and check out in seconds.

…or at the bar.

Put your bar on cruise control and serve more drinks, to more guests faster. Drinktopia App syncs in real-time with bar station tablets and drinks instantly appear in the order they are placed - your queue moves quickly and bartenders work efficiently.

sell in advance

meet your customers

Best in class consumer analytics

Drinktopia App captures the key data you need to truly understand your customers and exceed their expectations. Insights into age, gender, consumption patterns and preferences bring big data to your dance floor. Ignite stronger relationships and gain a competitive edge.

attract new customers

Send the right message at the right time.

From push notifications that promote your happy hour prices at slow times of the day to branded sponsored campaigns, we help you drive sales and make your guests aware of your best offers. Sample new products, get user feedback and embrace new monetization opportunities through one integrated wallet.

build your own

Perfect for large chain venues.

Extend an integrated brand experience to your customers. We build it for you. Receive all of the features of the Drinktopia App, customized to fit the unique style of your venue.


and much more

Easy ordering

We designed an intuitive mobile order experience that enables guests to browse and order in seconds, no matter how extensive your menu is.

Dynamic deals section

You specify which products you want to appear in the deals section. Perfect for limited time offers, big discounts and stock limited deals.

Multiple payment options

Drinktopia transactions are closed instantly, and Card and Cash payment options notify the waiter to finalize the bill at the table.


The ability to pre-sell drinks and tickets makes it easier to plan an event or Saturday night.

Order to table

Waiters only need to grab drinks from the bar and deliver them to the table. Guests order to table and waiters are notified inside the Staff App of the table number and products to serve.

Cashless payments

Increase security and control by administering less cash on site.

Increase retention

Now that you’re constantly connected to your guests, you can build enticing offers that they’re most likely to buy and turn anonymous customers into loyal guests.

2-way communication

When guests place their order, the waiter is instantly notified. Guests can also request for the waiters assistance directly in the app.


Promote your events and sell tickets at no extra cost and increase event revenue by pre-selling drinks.


Reward your guests with points on every purchase that they can redeem in the form of discount tickets, drinks and happy hour specials.

White label

We can fine tune a bespoke wallet to match the look and feel of your venue.

Split the bill

Drinktopia App makes it easy for guests to split the bill or to take money back from friends.


Tabs work seamlesy with Drinktopia. You can pay as you go or set up limits.


Of course, we allow tipping from inside the app.